Our locust are packed and dispatched fresh each day so when they arrive, they are as fresh as they can possibly be for your pets. And being available in six different sizes means our locust are ideal for many insectivorous eating pets no matter what the size. 



There are many species of locust and the most popular among them that are used in the pet industry are the desert locust (Schistorcerca gregaria). The desert locust is much more colourful than their cousins and more appealing for the pets that intend to feed on them. Locusts are therefore widely used across the pet industry as a live-food source for many pets including aviary birds, lizards, and small primates. Because they are available in different sizes, they are appealing for all age ranges of the aforementioned pets.

Locust Care

Locusts arrive either in perforated containers or in breathable bags depending on the quantity ordered. Locusts that arrive in containers are okay to be stored this way and if they arrive in a breathable bag the locusts should be emptied into a more appropriate tank. The tank should be lidded and well ventilated and easily accessible with something like egg carton inside for the locusts to climb on.

Locusts can be fed washed cabbage leaves and stored at room temperature. Locusts are quite hardy and should be okay wherever they are stored. However, one thing to note is that if the temperature is fairly cool, the locusts remain quite still and as the temperature rises they will become lively.

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