The mealworms we sell are supplied by reputable producers using feed grade cereal ingredients that are free from additives. Mealworms are a proven popular choice amongst bird keepers for their soft bills  and insectivorous species and are rich in protein.


Mealworms - (for orders over 2Kg please call the office to check availability)

Mealworms are the larvae of the mealworm beetle (Tenebrio molitor), a species of the darkling beetle. In nature, mealworms are regarded as a pest because they invade grain stores and feed on the grain. For many years, mealworms have proven popular among pet owners who have used them as a viable food source for aviary birds, wild birds, and reptiles because of their significant nutrient content.

Mealworm Care

Mealworms arrive either in plastic containers or in breathable bags for bulk orders. If they arrive in a plastic container the mealworms are ok to be stored in the perforated container. If the mealworms arrive in a breathable bag they will need to be emptied out into an open-topped tray deep enough to contain them and with smooth, clean sides to prevent the mealworms from escaping.

Mealworms can then be stored for several weeks, if necessary, at a temperature of 8 degrees. If the mealworms are stored too warm they will continue to develop and possibly mature to an adult, conversely, if the mealworms are stored too cold at a temperature that is below 5 degrees then the life expectancy will be drastically reduced and resulting in premature death.

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