Mini Wax worms

Mini Wax Worms

Unlike regular wax worms, mini wax worms arrive in the diet they feed on, this is because they are still developing and growing and they need the diet to sustain life. They will survive while ever they have enough diet in the container to feed on. If all the goodness in their diet is eaten, the quality of the mini wax worms will deteriorate and the wax worms may even start to die. If it is necessary to keep the mini wax worms alive for longer than a week, more wax worm diet may be required and is also available; please bare this mind at the time of purchase..


Mini Wax worms are a quality live food that are suitable for the smaller soft bills and could prove an essential live food for hatchling soft bills for that critical period of their lives - between 2 and five days. Mini wax worms are also becoming increasingly popular for smaller reptiles and amphibians that need to gain weight.

Mini Wax worms are simply the hatchlings of the greater wax worm. They are full of all the nutritious goodness of the standard wax worm but the mini wax worms are much smaller in size making them ideal for all those tiny mouths. 

As well as being much easier for the hatchling chicks to swallow and digest, another advantage of the mini wax worm is, as the hatchling chick develops and grows, so too will the mini wax worms as they continue to eat the food they arrive in. 

Nutritional Value of Wax Worms

Nutritional Value of Wax Worms

  • Moisture | 62%

  • Protein | 16%

  • Fat | 20%

  • Ash | 1%

  • Other | 1%

There are occasions where more wax worms should be fed to boost energy or stimulate weight gain. If your pet is malnourished after being off its staple food or is pregnant and needs an extra boost, wax worms, with their sweet taste and high calorific value, will soon kick-start the recovery process.

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